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PSY Final Study

PSY Final Study - Using medications or surgeries to treat...

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Using medications or surgeries to treat psychological disorders is the focus of _______. biological therapies When an individual's attitudes do not match up with his/her behaviors, _______ is likely to occur. _______ rests on the idea that if undesirable or maladaptive behaviors are to be changed, the thoughts that precede the behaviors need to change first. A(n) _______ is an unwanted, intrusive, and often unpleasant thought that causes an increase in anxiety. In Stanley Milgram's classic study on obedience, the teacher was the _______ whereas the learner was the _______. Which of the following is the reason that the first impression of an individual usually sticks? Which of the following behavioral techniques was built upon Bandura's observational learning theory? Changing one's behavior or thinking in order to go with the group or to fit another's expectation is referred to as _______. Mattie is convinced that her neighbors are trying to poison her by sending a deadly gas through her vents. Mattie is displaying _______ refers to the relatively stable view we hold of people, objects, or issues learned by direct experience or vicariously via others and/or the media.
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The typically negative attitudes an individual has toward others based on membership to a particular group is referred to as _______. Galen decided to join the peace corps after college and turned down three very financially lucrative job offers in the process. He believed that joining the peace corps could assist more people than his job offers in the field of advertising. Which of the following BEST describes Galen's situation? Sometimes under tremendous stress, a person disconnects from his/her consciousness and becomes parts versus one whole. This category of disorders is referred to as the _______.
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PSY Final Study - Using medications or surgeries to treat...

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