Arg Maties - ARGH! People have been sharing and copying...

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ARGH! People have been sharing and copying music intended for others for decades but only recently have they been tagged as “music pirates”. As a “music pirate” myself, I take offense with being compared to the blood thirsty and ravenous pirates of yesteryear who were widely known to kill, rape and pillage with out a motive other than to fulfill their own base desires. I on the other hand, along with the majority of other “music pirates” do not partake in the murdering of the innocent, the rape of prized Italian virgins or even the plundering of defenseless Oceanside villages. The pirating of copy written music started innocently in the 1970’s with the introduction of home cassette tape recording devices. Men and women would record their favorite songs off their own or a friend’s vinyl record, the radio, an eight-track player or even from a live concert. Often times these men and women (mostly men) would record a strategically thought out array of songs that they found to be especially romantic or meaningful onto one of these cassette tapes in hopes of swooning that special someone. Although these recordings were often extremely low quality their sentimental value is higher than any of the 320 KBPS (kilobytes per second) or FLAC files that are available to us today because of the hard work and thought that was involved in making them. This truth is made evident in Stephen Chbosky’s modern day classic The Perks of Being a Wallflower. In this novel the main character, Charlie is able to use the power of the mix tape to gain acceptance and friends. Although the sound quality of the mix tapes got better over the years, music pirating essentially didn’t change until the nineties.
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The Nineties dawned the introduction of the Internet to the general public and with that came the invention of a program millions of people still remember and hold near to their heart. It was called Napster. Napster gave people the ability to download single tracks from their favorite artists. With the songs they downloaded, people would often create mixes on Compact discs with ease. With the newfound ease of creating
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Arg Maties - ARGH! People have been sharing and copying...

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