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Lecture Notes, April 7

Lecture Notes, April 7 - -Songs o “The Blood Will Never...

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April, 7 Richard Smallwood - composer, pianist, vocalist - 1960s: The Celestials o Howard University gospel choir o 1 st gospel choir based on a college campus - 1977: Richard Smallwood Singers - 1982: Recording career begins - Well-know songs o “Center of My Joy” o “I Love the Lord” - 1990s: Sings with Verity Records o largest gospel label in the world - Richard Smallwood & Vision o Adoration: Live in Atlanta (1996) “Total Praise” o Healing: Live in Detroit (1999) o Persuaded: Live in D.C. (2001) Andrae Crouch (1942 - ) - Grew up near L.A. - The COGICS (group named after the organization) - The Disciples (1965) - 1960s-1970s: o Jesus Movement Cross-racial movement
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Unformatted text preview: -Songs o “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” o “Soon and Very Soon” o “Through it All” o “My Tribute”-Soundtracks o The Color Purple o The Lion King o Free Willy-Appealed to racial diverse audience -Worked with Michael Jackson o Man in the Mirror o Invincible-2004: Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame Edwin Hawkins (1943 - )-Bay area native-COGIC-1967: Northern State Youth Choir-1968: Edwin Hawkins Singers-Arranged “Oh Happy Day” o 18 th-century hymn o Features Dorothy Combs Morrison o 7 million copies o Top 5 hit in the U.S. o Featured in Sister Act II...
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  • Spring '08
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  • American gospel singers, Andrae Crouch, Richard Smallwood, Richard Smallwood Singers, Richard Smallwood composer, world Richard Smallwood

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Lecture Notes, April 7 - -Songs o “The Blood Will Never...

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