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geol240 Final Review

geol240 Final Review - Final Review 3 equations 1.Mo= A D...

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Final Review 3 equations 1.Mo= μ A D shear modulus 2.look in the book/notes 3.notes Scientist you need to know: Wegener and sir Harold Jeffries P-waves Ferrari and delivery truck at red light. Different velocities for each auto. longer time, longer distance between constant velocity, at a certain distance S- P to find distance Know methods how to locate Eqs 1.visual 2.eq was near most damage, not always true (1812 eq thought OC but in Wrightwood) 3.(S- P ) only know how far away, you need a total of at least 3 stations to figure out location Source directivity What is it rupture front Know what happen 1.landers 2.northridge why does it happen direction of rupture propagation is the same direction as fault slips dip slip faults are different- the
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