NT-Five Types of Love

NT-Five Types of Love - In the New Testament there was...

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1. The 5 types of Love a. Sterga- Family love b. Phileo- brotherly love c. Eros- self love d. Agape- enemy’s love, God’s love 2. Sexuality- all human relationship is sexual. 3. Spirituality- relationship with God. 4. Difference between equality and mutuality a. Equality- men and women are the same in all areas b. Mutuality- doing unto others as you would have them do unto you- strengths compliment each other. 5. Life is Relational 6. What is Jesus up to in the world? Justification-right wise. 7. Prejudice- to pre-judge.
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8. How was Paul’s teaching applied more towards the man? Paul says women should remain silent n church. Paul had many women in the ministry who followed him. One of Paul’s mentors was a woman. Paul was married once. 9. What is Paul saying about the role of women in general? In the Old Testament, women were property.
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Unformatted text preview: In the New Testament, there was encouragement for mutuality. 10.How do the scriptures inform the attitude of a believer toward the practice of homosexuality? Romans, I Corinthians. 11.Homosexuality from one extreme to the other. a. Abomination- it’s wrong b. Change c. Celibacy- non practicing. d. Accommodation. e. Equality f. Complete social freedom 12.How is it harder for the man with the change in the views of women and his responsibility in the household? a. The man had to now view his wife in a different way; rather than property, he now was to respect and protect her as an individual and as his wife. The wife had to honor her husband and submit to him, trusting that he respected her and her opinions and needs according to Paul’s mandate....
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NT-Five Types of Love - In the New Testament there was...

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