Paper 5 - Almost Love It was a cold Friday afternoon and...

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Almost Love It was a cold Friday afternoon and the ground was white covered by the fresh snow that ever so softly glittered the ground . Tae-young waited outside admiring the crisp sensation of the untainted snow carpeting the hill below him . “No wonder people can tolerate living here . It’s absolutely gorgeous.” Pacing anxiously in and out of the art museum, he waited an agonizing twenty minutes for Xinyi to make her appearance . He had planned this date for ages wanting to take her somewhere a bit more special than the local overpriced diner that they frequented . It took him a while to plan the day, but it was going to be perfect . First, they would spend the afternoon in the museum . Then, he would take her to dinner, a classy restaurant where they could discuss their future as a couple together . Things had been going well since they met though his high school friend . Coincidentally, they grew up in the same area, just thirty minutes away from each other, but their lives had yet to cross until now . “Sorry, I thought you were going to call me after your meeting was over . I was waiting down at the coffee shop,” said Xinyi as she brushed the snow off her shoulders . She wasn’t a tall goddess with long slender legs to match her thin body . She was of average Asian height, with a slim waist and curves, just enough to make her look good in her outfit which just happened to include the red coat that Tae-young adored . Her long black hair was swept back into a bun with a few random strands that fell to the side of her face indicating her Chinese background . Neat but not too neat, just as how he liked it .
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“You look beautiful,” Tae-young awkwardly commented, “I really like that red coat . It matches well .” Tae-young was not the tall, ruggedly handsome man most women sought after. Even though he was twenty-seven, he still kept his boyish looks and charm which often got him
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Paper 5 - Almost Love It was a cold Friday afternoon and...

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