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abdominal nerves - Nerve Thoraco abdominals nn Origin...

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Nerve Origin Course Distribution of GSEs Distribution of GSAs Thoraco abdominals nn. ventral primary rami of T7–T11; are continuations of the lower intercostal nerves located in the neurovascular plane (b/t the IAO and TA muscles); pierces rectus sheath carries GSEs to: anterior abdominal muscles & rectus abdominus skeletal muscles carries GSAs from skin of anterior abdomen and perimeter of diaphragm; GSAs from underlying parietal peritoneum Subcostal n. ventral primary ramus of T12 spinal nerve (the most inferior intercostal nerve) runs along inferior border of 12 th rib carries GSEs to lower EAO skeletal muscle fibers carries GSAs from skin over ASIS and skin over hip; GSAs from underlying parietal peritoneum Iliohypogastric branch mostly the ventral primary ramus of the L1 nerve (a nerve of the lumbar plexus) * emerges from lateral border of psoas muscle and crosses over quadratus lumborum.* Courses in NVP about 1” superior to the iliac crest; become cutaneous an inch superficial to
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