abdominal referred pain

abdominal referred pain - T 10-T12 hypogastric distal large...

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ORGAN A Clinical Example Dermatome General Referred Body Region distal esophagus esophageal spasms T 6-T8 epigastric stomach gastric peptic ulcer T 6-T9/T10 epigastric; L. hypochondriac; interscapular duodenum duodenal peptic ulcer T 5-T9/T10 epigastric; R. shoulder if ulcer perforates duodenal wall jejunum and ileum colic, intestinal obstruction T 5-T9 periumbilical region pancreas pancreatitis T 8-T9 inferior epigastric spleen splenic infarction T 6-T8 L. hypochondriac, superior flank proximal large intestine colic; ulcerative colitis
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Unformatted text preview: T 10-T12 hypogastric distal large intestine sigmoiditis L1-L3 L. lower quadrant appendix appendicitis T 10 early: periumbilical via GVAs late: R. low. quadrant via GSAs gall bladder gall stone T 6-T9 early: R. epigastric late: R. hypochondriac If GB irritates diaphragm, then pain may radiate to right subscapular and/or right shoulder kidneys/ ureters renal or ureteric calculi T 11-T12 flank (side of body b/t pelvis and ribs); inguinal region and genitals...
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