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hw - experience to show how they committed the crime 4The...

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1The main research design is an experiment. I determined it was an experiment because the study claimed the participants were assigned to random groups. 2The main research question in the chapter was is it possible for crime suspects to accept guilt for crimes that they never committed? The other question was Can the memories of these suspects become altered so that they believe and substantiate their guilt? 3The main findings proved the main research questions to be correct. 70 percent of the participants signed the confession paper to a crime they did not commit. 28 percent showed internalization and 9 percent confabulated to include details of their research
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Unformatted text preview: experience to show how they committed the crime. 4The study was important because it can be directly related to real life crime situations. It proves that cops can easily persuade people that they committed crimes that they did not take part it. This could also be a large disadvantage to the people being convicted of a crime. 5The study could be improved by making the consequences of the participant’s actions a lot more severe. Having the participant’s believe that the experiment was messed up by them really is not that severe of a consequence in that it did not affect them where they would be placed in jail because of it....
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