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section5 - breed of penguins It has facts about them and...

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Maeghan Casale Library 102   I want to do my final project on researching Emperor Penguins. The topic I find most interesting is Penguins, Emperor Penguins to be exact. They  fascinate me a great extent. To find information on them I used yahoo.com google.com  and WorldCat to find books relating to my topic. When I first started searching I just put  in “penguins.” The search results were so large that I had to narrow my search down to  “Emperor Penguins,” in which my search became less extensive. The book I found that relates best to this topic was called Emperor Penguins Up Close,  by Carmen Bredeson. This book is useful to my search because it talks all about my 
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Unformatted text preview: breed of penguins. It has facts about them and allows you to know all the details you’d want to know. By using the tag “books on emperor penguins” it allowed me to find this book. I could have also used other tags such as information on emperor penguins or fast facts. Citation in MLA format: Bredeson, Carmen. Emperor Penguins Up Close. Published: Enslow Pub INC, 2006. This module confused me a little bit because I wasn’t sure what the final exam was supposed to be on. The information that you look for online doesn’t allow you to read what is inside each book, just gives you brief synopsis’....
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