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Art Homework 1. List each Element of Art and the sub headings for each. Line: a. Line Quality b. Defining Mass c. Linear Perspective Shape: a. Defining Shape b. Figure/Ground c. Composition Texture: a. Actual Texture b. Visual Texture c. Pattern Color: a. Functions of Light b. Properties of Color c. Expressive Qualities d. Optical Effects 2. From the section on Line and Linear Perspective, explain Two Point Linear Perspective in detail. Two Point Linear Perspective consists of a horizon line, two vanishing points, and the objects edge. Two point linear perspective makes the piece of art stand out more. 3. Describe which "Texture" exercise you enjoyed and explain why. I enjoyed the actual texture exercise the most. I enjoyed it because I liked changing the textures around and trying to see what all I could come up with. 4. From the Art Techniques movies, explain in detail, the differences between oil paint and acrylic paint. Oil paint and acrylic paints are almost the same when it comes to the way they appear on
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