GPOSC Exam I - GPOSC Exam I Chapters 1-4 Ideology: Ideal...

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GPOSC Exam I Chapters 1-4 Ideology: Ideal state of government; perfect government. Natural Rights: Interest we try to pursue. Also known as unalienable rights. Human rights based on nature. Originally Life, Liberty, and Property (John Locke), but changed to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness (by Thomas Jefferson). We enter a social contract to protect these rights because other people’s absolute freedom matters too (see Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes). Always endangered, and hard to protect. These come into effect before exists. Natural Law: Basic limits on people to protect those living in a semi- civil society. They help protect Natural Rights. State of Nature: People don’t really want a form of government: they just want absolute freedom. This causes absolute chaos. We are trying to pursue our natural rights, but other people’s pursuits may conflict with ours. So we enter into a social contract theory to secure our natural rights. Characteristics of Classical Liberalism: Limited Government! Protect our liberty and property, but little else. An example of this form of government is the Declaration of Independence. Characteristics include: natural rights, social contract, natural law, and limited government. Social Contract: Consent of the governed, but not unlimited rights. It is for the government, but we can ditch it. We enter into this contract to protect our natural rights. Declaration of Independence’s Major Complaints: Discussion of natural rights, nullify contract with King, right to revolution, abuses of power, creates nothing: purpose is to dismantle something. Articulates political ideas. Discusses a lack of representation and personal rights. Includes natural law, natural rights, and social contract, divine creation ought to be recognized, natural rights as in “We hold these truths… to be self evident…” Secure these rights by soon forming a government! Still no idea of a “United States,” just that the states will be in charge of themselves. Normative Theory of Government:
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GPOSC Exam I - GPOSC Exam I Chapters 1-4 Ideology: Ideal...

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