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How A Bill Becomes A Law - How A Bill Becomes A Law 1 Bill...

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How A Bill Becomes A Law 1. Bill Introduced (Written by EOP or Interest Groups) - Member of Congress has to recognize bill for it to be introduced 2. Bill Assigned Committee - House: Speaker assigns - Senate: Majority Leader assigns with help from Minority Leader - Senate has unlimited debate - Committee has chairman, who can ignore the bill (BILL IS NO MORE) or… 3. Bill Assigned to Subcommittee - Assigned to Subcommittee by Committee Chair - Can hold hearings (call witnesses, investigate, mark up bill) - Mark Up = change or rewrite bill - Can not change number assigned to bill - Subcommittee can not like bill (BILL DIES) or… 4. Sent back to Committee - Committee can rewrite, mark up bill - Bill can DIE or… 5. Bill Sent for a Vote - Depends on if Bill is in House or Senate… - Bill in House: sent to Rules Committee Bill can be open (unlimited number of amendments that relate to bill) Bill can be closed (cannot be changed or challenged at all) Bill can be partially open (Some portions of a bill can be amended, but
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