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Public Opinion Study Guide GPOSC 225, Dr. Sulfaro The public opinion portion of the exam will be drawn from Chapter 7 of Wilson and Dilulio and from class lectures on this topic. definition of public opinion political ideology (what the phrase means and what it’s used to explain) random sample textbook’s ideological categories sampling error sources of over time consistency in attitudes (discussed in class) exit polls social norm political socialization (what it is, sources of) the role of regionalism in American political attitudes salience (opinion saliency) opinion stability difference between mass and elite opinion framers’ intentions about the role of
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Unformatted text preview: public opinion in a democracy • generational gaps in issue attitudes (both from textbook and from lectures) • cross cutting issues/cleavages in public opinion (what does this mean, what are these issues) • religion as a source of attitude difference • race as a source of attitude difference • the gender gap (what is it, where is it) • selective perception • liberal conservative ideology (differences between social and economic dimensions) • selective exposure to information • Pew typology of voter types and the parties they support; what portion of each party’s base these groups constitute...
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