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fbe458 midterm2sample - Name: _ Date: _ 1. Harassment...

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Name: __________________________ Date: _____________ 1. Harassment claims are afforded a more flexible statute of limitations period than other forms of discrimination. A) True B) False 2. Which of the following is not a business necessity providing a defense to a disparate impact claim: A) hiring only cashiers that are bondable. B) hiring only brunettes to work as servers in a restaurant because they are preferred by customers and bring larger profits for the company. C) hiring only pizza deliverers who possess drivers licenses. D) hiring only English speaking workers to be telephone operators. 3. Weber has been arrested four times for, and convicted twice, of fraud. He is hired as a teller by Port Alice State Bank. He consistently underpays customers making large withdrawals, and keeps the unpaid funds for himself. When a customer attempts to later recover her unpaid funds from Weber, she discovers that Weber has disappeared. Port Alice State Bank will have: A) no liability since it is not liable for the crimes of its employees. B) no liability since it will be unable to recover from the now absent Weber. C) liability to the customer only if it can be shown that the bank had knowledge of Weber's past. D) liability to the customer, because it has negligently hired a thief. 4. Holmes is in the United States illegally. He seeks employment with a domestic corporation. He is refused employment because he cannot prove to his prospective employer that he is a
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This test prep was uploaded on 10/09/2007 for the course FBE 428m taught by Professor Fields during the Fall '06 term at USC.

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fbe458 midterm2sample - Name: _ Date: _ 1. Harassment...

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