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February 19, 2008 Latin American Civ Lecture Notes Chapter II key words : cross-species, cross population, Mesoamerica, fully sedentary, semisedentary, nonsedentary, Nahuatl/Quechua, Quipa, Mita/Corvee Chapter III key words : Feitorias/Factories, Encomienda/Encomendero, Caciques, estancias, naborias/yanaconas, Quetzalcoatl, Montezuma, Cortez (1521), Pizarro (1532), Desoto (1539-42), G. Pizarro (1541- 42), Coronado (1540-42), Mendoza (1535-36) Chapter IV key words : Tenochtitlan, Tlaxcala, Cuzco, Varacruz, Lima, Encomienda/Encomenderos, Naborias/Yanaconas, Trantantes, Mita, Audencia, Quinto, Caciques Europeans concept of Christendom Western Europe starting to have conceptions of Frenchmen, British still belonged a larger whole No concept of Indian European concept for indigenous people of new world Columbus thought he reached Indies named indigenous people Indians No tendency to unite in face of European invaders more inclined to use Europeans against their own enemies Facilitates conquest Europeans had superior technology nature aided them the most in conquest disease Peoples of new world & old world belonged to separate gene pools for 10,000 years developed resistance to different diseases mix them = disease going rampant At least 80% - 90% of indigenous population was destroyed by European diseases Communicable diseases = cross population plagues (2 groups come together with different immunities to different diseases) syphilis, typhus, yellow fever Cross species diseases Europe had domesticated animals most diseases originally came from animals Europeans had resistance, Indians didn’t if common species like humans can fall prey, mutations in the disease allow a jump to a different species no immunity for the new population who catches it Cortez conquered with numbers disease was chief ally Indians had great trading networks
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Feb19Lecturenotes - Lecture Notes Latin American Civ...

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