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Mass Media Study Guide GPOSC 225, Dr. Sulfaro The public opinion portion of the exam will be drawn from Chapter 12 of Wilson and Dilulio and from class lectures on this topic. history of party media mass media (definition of, types of) localism of American news trends in media competition the media as gatekeepers the media as scorekeeper the media as a watchdog public versus private media regulation of broadcast media in the U.S. regulation of print media in the U.S. source confidentiality Near v. Minnesota (1931) New York Times v. Sullivan (1964) FCC New York Times v. U.S. (Pentagon Papers) game schema (frame) right of rebuttal different types of media outlets in the U.S. Fairness Doctrine
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Unformatted text preview: • Equal Time Rule • Miami Herald v. Tornillo (1974) • types of media stories • ideological biases in different media formats • loaded language • trial balloon • public beliefs about media accuracy • the “maxims” of media relations • media coverage of the president • adversarial press • media coverage of Congress • sensationalism in the press (what it is, effects on politics) • government as news sources • on the record, off the record, on background, and on deep background • changes in press coverage of candidates over time • what “new” or alternative media contribute to political discourse • explanations for news leaks...
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