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Kennedy 1 Kate Kennedy Professor Chenoweth POSC 295 29 January 2008 Research Question For my POSC 295 Research Question, I plan on exploring the following question: What influences a person to support their specific candidate in an election? I believe that this question is incredibly useful in today’s political environment, especially since we are in the midst of election season. This question could also potentially help political scientists and those campaigning for an office as well, because it relates to why people vote the way they do. I will be working with Caleb Spaulding and James Lazo on this project, as their questions relate to campaigning as well. This question will be surveyed asking questions such as which candidate
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Unformatted text preview: people are planning on supporting, background information about that person, and what issues are important to them. I would also like to ask if it is important for a person to see their candidate on television, and what sorts of ads they like and dislike. The survey that my partners and I will plan will be interesting to the JMU community, as it relates to elections and campaigning in an election year. Also, members of the JMU community are most likely voting for a variety of different candidates for different reason, so I believe that I will have a plethora of data....
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