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Chapter 7: Making Empirical Observations Accretion Measure - Measures of phenomena through indirect observation of the accumulation of materials. Covert Observation - Observation in which the observer’s presence or purpose is kept secret from those being observed. Direct Observation - Actual observation of behavior. Erosion Measures - Measures of phenomena through indirect observation of selective wear of some material Field Study - Observation in a natural setting Indirect Observation - Observation of physical traces of behavior. Informant - Person who helps a researcher employing participant observation methods interpret the activities and behavior of the informant and the group to which the informant belongs. Informant Consent - Procedures that inform potential research subjects about the propsed research in which they are being asked to participate. The principle that researchers must obtain the freely given consent of human subjmects before they participate in a research project.
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Unformatted text preview: Institutional Review Board-Panel to which researchers must submit descriptions of propsed research involving human subjects for the purpose of ethics review. Overt Observation-Observation in which those being observed are informed of the observers presence and purpose. Participant Observation-Observation in which the observer becomes a regular participant in the activities of those being observed. Structured Observation-Systematic observation and recording of the incidence of specific behaviors. Unstructured Observation-Observation in which all behavior and activities are recorded. Johnson Chapter 9: Sampling Cluster Sample-A probability sample that is used when no list of elements exists. The sampling frame initially consists of clusters of elements. Confidence Level-The degree of belief that an estimated range of valuesmore specifically, a high or low valueincludes or covers the population parameter. *...
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test2johnsonnotes - Institutional Review Board-Panel to...

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