Exam _1 Study Guide (Spr 08)

Exam _1 Study Guide (Spr 08) - SCOM 240: Processes of Human...

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SCOM 240: Processes of Human Communication Fall 2007: Bsumek Study Guide for Exam I EXAM I will be a 50-question, multiple-choice exam worth up to 200 points. The exam assesses your ability to recognize, synthesize and apply material presented in the textbook and lectures throughout Unit I (see syllabus). th th edition), and all lecture topics from day 1 up to and including Thursday, Jan. 31. The exam is designed to discriminate between recognition and application skills. Bring a #2 pencil and your JAC card. Electronic devices are prohibited from class during exam. This two-page study guide is intended to help you prepare for the exam. Chapter 1: History A. Use the key terms and names list at the end of chapter 1 as a vocabulary list/study guide. B. Chapter 1Lectures: Here is a list of key terms associated with the lectures that relate to chapter 1. 1. Compare and contrast: Four approaches (perspectives) to understanding how rhetoric (persuasion) works (see ppt slides lecture 2 & your class notes). What is the focus of each? Why is the difference in focus important? a. Psychological approach b. Sociological approach c. Physiological approach d. Rational approach 2. Rhetoric and the historical roots of Communication Studies (see ppt lecture 2 and class notes) a. Define: Rhetoric 1 b. Define: Rhetoric 2 c. Define: Rhetoric 3 3. Rhetoric 3: Worldview of the rhetorician a. Worldview (what is one?) b. Terministic Screen (define, why is it important?) c. Rhetorical Worldview vs. Philosophical Worldview in ancient Greece (compare and contrast) d. Who were the Sophists? What did they teach? What was their worldview? e.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course SCOM 240 taught by Professor Bsumek during the Spring '08 term at James Madison University.

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Exam _1 Study Guide (Spr 08) - SCOM 240: Processes of Human...

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