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operation management - only 6 grams of fat or less Cost...

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A few questions answered for operations management Chapter 1 1.5. a.) 100/5= 20 units/labor-hour b.) 133/5= 26.6 units/labor-hour c.) 6.6 units/labor-hour 1.8. a.) 65/6760= .009615 rugs per dollar b.) 65/6760+500+1000= 65/8260= .007869 rugs per dollar 1.14. a.) Labor change is 0 percent b.) Investment change is 22.5 percent Chapter 2 2.1. Differentiation- Automotive manufactures have begin making hybrid vehicles to have a more fuel efficient way to get around Cost leadership- Wal-Mart satisfies customers by having cheaper products than anyone else Response- Nike gets response from its customers by allowing them to design every aspect of their shoe down to the color of the sole and shoe strings 2.2. Differentiation- Subways offers a certain number of subs that contain
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Unformatted text preview: only 6 grams of fat or less Cost leadership- Little Caesars offers a large one topping pizza for just five dollars 1 Response- Red Lobster allows its customers to pick out which lobster out of the tank it would like as their meal 2.4. Arrow Shirts Bidermann International France Braun Household Appliances Procter and Gamble U.S. Lotus Autos Proton Malaysia Firestone Tires Bridgestone Japan Godiva Chocolate Campbell Soup U.S. Haagen-Daz Ice Cream Credit Lyonnais U.S. Jaguar Autos Ford Motor Company U.S. MGM Movies Grand Metropolitan Japan Lamborghini Autos Volkswagen Germany Goodrich Tires Michelin U.S. Alpo Petfoods Nestle Switzerland 1...
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operation management - only 6 grams of fat or less Cost...

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