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Unformatted text preview: A few short essays on The Heart of Darkness 1. The Heart of Darkness has two competing heroes, yet both seem to compete for different reasons. Marlow values his work, as well as his journey to Africa by steamboat. He is heroic in facing all the trial and tribulations he goes through on the way to his destination. His quest to meet the man who’s reputation is widely spread throughout the land, Mr. Kurtz, his heroic in its own category. Kurtz, on the other hand, is more competitive when it comes to his line of business which includes his collection of ivory. In this story good and evil are the competition, but I feel that Kurtz was a determined man who civilized and brought education to the natives. Yet Marlow reveals Kurtz’s obsession with his ivory business and comes to the conclusion the Kurtz was doing more harm than good. 3. Marlow’s quest to find Kurtz involves him in the last living moments of Kurtz’s life. Kurtz being the determined competitor in the ivory business that he was, believes that all of his hard work and...
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