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nhl facts - 1 Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk threw out...

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1. Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk threw out this surprising figure during an interview with The Fan 590 in Toronto on Wednesday: 40 per cent of the NHL 's total revenue is earned in Canada. If Melnyk is correct, a market one-tenth the size of the United States, with only six of the league's 30 clubs (20 per cent) is bringing home a huge chunk of the bacon, Canadian bacon. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman disputed Melnyk's estimate yesterday. Appearing on Toronto radio, he wasn't specific, but said the right number was "significantly less" than 40 per cent. Is it 30 per cent? Or is it more? The league won't comment, but the guess here is that Canada's contribution to the total pot exceeds 30 per cent. Less debatable is the dollar-strong Canadian market presenting interesting opportunities to the NHL , starting with the relocation of weak U.S. franchises. Ralph Mellanby, the retired head of Hockey Night in Canada , has been a long-time proponent of a Canadian NHL division. Hockey Night
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