Encounters in World History

Encounters in World History - Encounters in World History...

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Unformatted text preview: Encounters in World History By: Chapter 7 1. The characteristics that all of these nomadic tribes have are that they do not stay in one place for very long. All of them seem like ruthless people as well. All of them seem to invade or try to invade much more civilized cultures. Most of them seem to move because of the food issue or because they are afraid that the places that they invade might attack them back. If the nomadic people do not win a battle they seem to retreat and do not think anything of it as a cowardly act. 2. Of course there is a difference in the perspectives from the different authors because they are from different societies. Not everyone will think of the nomadic people the same; they might have some of the same views but not all of them. There seems to be a change over time with among the nomads, because as time goes on they seem to become more civilized and more knowledgeable of their surroundings. Most of the nomads seem to have the same characteristics throughout time though and seem to carry out the same actions that they did in the past. 3. The nomads would stay in one place for a short period of time and when there was a sedentary world around them, naturally they would clash with them for survival. The reason that the moved around is because of the herds of animals that they had so other people would not try and kill them and use them for food. The reason that they probably did this is because they did not like or the idea did not come to them that they should try and cultivate their own food in one place for a long period of time. The nomads were pretty much similar to the sedentary civilizations except for the fact that they would move about and not stay in one place. 4. Each world influenced each other, but in the end the civilized people had more of an influence on the nomads than anything. This is because after a while nomadic people seemed to disappear rather than just stay around. They realized that it was a harder way of living moving around all the time instead of staying in one place. 5. These readings seem to predicting that the sedentary societies seem to last longer than nomadic societies. This is because nowadays we can have things get sent to our cities now and trade with other countries to get the necessities that are needed to stay alive....
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Encounters in World History - Encounters in World History...

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