atep interview - Athletic Training Interview For my...

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Athletic Training Interview For my interview project I interviewed Andrew Winterstein via e-mail. Mr. Winterstein is a certified athletic trainer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been working there since 1986. I asked him twelve questions that I thought I could get the most input out of. Questions ranging from what intrigued him about the career path and what his advice would be to anyone that choosing athletic training as an option for a career. Here are his following responses that he has given me to the questions I have asked: 1. What attracted you towards the athletic training profession? I got interested through a physician of mine; I also went to a workshop when I was in high school. Set out to be a high school Biology teacher and Coach/Athletic Trainer. I think the combination of the health sciences and physical activity was what attracted me. 2. Have you worked in different environments? such as high school, the professionals, rehabilitation, etc. I have been at UW Madison since 1986 so all of my career has been at this University. During that time I have worked in intercollegiate athletics, clinical setting, and now academics. I did work some professional baseball during my undergraduate years and between undergrad and grad school for one year. 3. What made you do athletic training with colleges?
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atep interview - Athletic Training Interview For my...

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