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midterm help - Hi Everyone Our exam is on Thursday 15 March...

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Hi Everyone, Our exam is on Thursday 15 March at our regular class time and place. We have a review session on Monday, 12 March 4-6 PM in 0106 Key: bring your questions and requests for material you'd like to review. Here's some help for the essay for our CXI midterm: the basic structure for outlines. Please take the time to prepare carefully ahead of time. Above all, READ and FOLLOW CAREFULLY INSTRUCTIONS ON OUR REVIEW SHEET If you have questions or need advice, just ask! Do keep in mind that you need to be very selective about including only the BEST evidence and material in your outline and essay. Your ability to choose what is most important and explain why it is important is part of what's being examined here. Be realistic about what you can include in a 50-minute, 6-page essay (6 exam booklet pages--1 side=1 page)—and be able to explain WHY the evidence you've chosen works for your thesis and is historically important. Important: You may study together with classmates, and discuss our material for the exam, but do not under any circumstances share written work or outlines with another student . Your written work in History 111--this exam and all written work-- must be strictly your own. Sharing written work with another student is a violation of the UMD Code of Academic Integrity. Don't even think about doing it! But I do encourage students to discuss our material and study together, and I think this is extremely helpful for students. If you have any questions at all about what is and is not allowed, just ask. Hollister / Reader is NOT a primary source , so don't quote Hollister instead of using evidence from our primary sources. You must show in your essay that you have read and understood our assigned primary source reading. Be very careful to uphold all the rules of academic integrity— especially rules on plagiarism. Do not use any unauthorized material or internet material for your essay or your outline. Keep in mind that you must not write out your whole essay on your outline sheet. You should put down your main ideas in an outline-type format and avoid writing out the whole text of your essay. You must turn in your outline with your exam. MIDTERM EXAM ESSAYS: HOW TO ORGANIZE AND OUTLINE MATERIAL I. Introduction Introduce your thesis (main idea): what are you going to prove in your essay? Introduce your main evidence: what evidence are you presenting to prove your thesis and support your argument? Evidence=primary sources, quotes and specific examples, and factual material presented in class and in our reading. Remember that you need to use evidence from at least 3-4 primary sources representing the WHOLE period we've covered so far--1st-5th C.
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You need to show that you've done the assigned reading for the course. You should also have a good sense of the chronology:
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midterm help - Hi Everyone Our exam is on Thursday 15 March...

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