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augustine paper - 1 St. Augustine was one of the most major...

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St. Augustine was one of the most major influences in Rome’s conversion to Christianity. Augustine’s personal conversion took thirty-one years because of two primary restraints that were practically inherent to him. First, he was an exceptionally scholarly man who sought more to find an educated answer rather than a savior. Second, he had a severe addiction to sex that he found nearly impossible to break. However, through his life leading up to his conversion, he went through several stages that led him to conversion. These stages are closely correlated to the location that he was in at each time. Throughout his travels, he variably progressed towards Christianity. His pilgrimage began at his birthplace in Tagaste. He then spent twelve years traveling between Tagaste and Carthage. Next he traveled to Rome and finally he arrived at Milan. At each of these stops he went through several transformations that would ultimately lead him to his conversion. Augustine discusses each of these stages as a personal conversation with God. However, Augustine knows that God does not need to hear this so he wrote this secondarily for others to read and meditate on. Ultimately, his goal in these “Confessions” is to evangelize to the world so that others can share in his beliefs. Augustine was born to a middle-class family in North Africa. His father was exceedingly concerned with his education. His mother, Monica, was a devout Christian who constantly prayed for Augustine’s salvation. It was here that the seeds of Christianity were planted into Augustine’s young mind. While he was at home between schools “she urged [him] to chastity” (p. 26). Although he did not know it, this was the beginning of his trek towards Christianity. Augustine then traveled to Carthage to teach rhetoric. In Carthage he transformed greatly. He described Carthage as “a cauldron of illicit loves” (p. 35) and he bathed 1
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himself in it. He became embedded in the world of love and lust, comparable to the world of “drugs, sex, and rock and roll” today. Here he also read “Hortensius” by Cicero. He
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augustine paper - 1 St. Augustine was one of the most major...

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