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Argumentative Essay “Our Youth Should Serve” If people were to sit back and really take a look at life and the world around them, what would we see? We would see change. There is constant change in everything we do. Nature is constantly changing, and people are constantly growing and their bodies and minds are always in a state of change. So, for someone to pose a change in the way society is being run today is not at all out of the ordinary. Steven Muller suggests changing the requirements in order to attend college after high school. He believes we should make it mandatory for our youth to perform two years of community service before attending college. Should our youth be required to perform public services before being allowed to attend college? I, for one, can see the positives and negatives that would arise as a result of installing this into our lives. Because I can see both sides of the argument, I am neither for nor against this program taking place. “A voluntary program of universal national youth service does of course require compelling incentives. …Guaranteed job training would be one.”(174) Muller is very right when he says that the job training gained from his program would benefit the youth of America. I like the fact that in his plan, there is a wide variety of different job opportunity to take part in. He mentions internship in agencies from the local level to the national level. He also mentions many other things such as day-care staffing, mentor programs, neighborhood renewal projects, and various other options. What I like about his plan is the wide variety of choices for the youth to be involved in. It allows something for everyone from the big strong guys to the little petite girls, from someone in peak physical condition to someone who is confined
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Argumentative Essay - Argumentative Essay "Our Youth Should...

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