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Doing Sociology Report 2 - Title Page Doing Sociology 2...

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Title Page Doing Sociology 2 Report
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Social integration is the degree to which people feel a part of social groups as defined by Emile Durkheim. The more basic way of describing social integration is how well people feel like they fit into a set of friends, group of people, etc. This term relates directly to me in many ways, but the most recent occurrence was at the beginning of this semester. I am a member of the baseball team at Mclennan Community College. The baseball team is a great example of a social group, because you have to unite as a team in order to play well. You see your teammates almost daily if not more than once a day. This being said you can see the severity for everyone to mesh and become one as a team. When I came to MCC I was a bit timid because I didn’t know anyone that would be here and I didn’t know what my teammates would be like, or if they’d like me. Now, a month later, I feel very “socially integrated” and connected with the rest of the guys on my team. I feel like we are a family. This would be an example of social integration. The definition of values is the standards by which people define what is desirable or undesirable, good or bad, beautiful or ugly. This definition is fairly self explanatory. Values are what you base your morals and personal preferences on.
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This essay was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course SOCI 1301 taught by Professor Lockhart during the Spring '08 term at McLennan Community College.

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Doing Sociology Report 2 - Title Page Doing Sociology 2...

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