Lecture 16 - International Financial Crisis

Lecture 16 - International Financial Crisis - Inter'l...

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Inter’l Financial Crisis International Financial Crisis’ - Sometimes countries that are experiencing the crisis cannot be blamed for the crisis taking place (Contagion Effect), sometimes the country that they are dealing with is to blame Caused by Macroeconomic Imbalances - (debt crisis of the 1980’s) - Many less developed countries were following the “Import Substitution Industrialization” program – these countries had to create large subsidies creating huge government expenditures, with very little revenue - Less developed countries had poor administration (Taxes- those who afford to pay it, didn’t have to because they had an income that was corrupt) - Budget deficits were financed by foreign and money creation, which lead to large foreign debt and inflation, eventually capital flight occurred Caused by Volatile Capital Flows - (Asian crisis in 1997) - Even governments that are following perfect economic policies, this system can be vulnerable What can be done to avoid such problems, like a crisis? (Sections 1-3 are preventative, before you get in a crisis) 1. Moral Hazard - Everyone is accountable for their own mistakes - Banks were creating dilemmas for the economy, investors of industrialized and less developed
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Lecture 16 - International Financial Crisis - Inter'l...

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