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Department of French and Spanish Fall 2006 FRE 510 Advanced Grammar and Writing This course may be used as a Lower Level or an Upper Level Liberal Studies course. Professor Dr. Marco A. Fiola POD 344B 416-979-5000, ext. 4695 [email protected] Office hours Wednesday, 2-4; Thursday, 4-6; or by appointment Course information This course is for students whose oral French is good, but who wish to review major grammatical structures, develop vocabulary, and improve their writing. The course emphasizes clear explanation of French grammar, differences and parallels between written and oral French, use of precise terminology, and development of variety in writing style. Writing assignments are based on excerpts from essays, literary works, press articles, the world of advertising, etc., chosen to illustrate styles and levels of contemporary written French. Course description Whether they want to admit it or not, at this point, students are able to use a variety of language levels to write and speak French. However, what they may lack is
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