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2/29 ERS102 - Largest Historic Eruption o 150 Km3 Ash o...

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2/29 Intro to Climate Change Important Concepts o What is climate? o What is climate change? o Long-term vs. short-term climate change o What causes climate change? What is climate? o Long-term average of day to day weather Temperature Precipitation Wind speed and directions Barometric pressure o Climate change Short term (years to decades) Long term (100 to 1000s of years) IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) o IPCC and Al Gore awarded Nobel Peace Prize Climate Change o Early 1800’s- dramatic climatic event 1816- “the year without a summer”, “the poverty year” Astronomical phenomena- Dalton Minimum (1795-1820’s) Low in sun’s activity Large Volcanic Eruptions Soufriere & St. Vincent 1812 Mayon & Luzon 1814 Tambora 1815 o Mid-1800’s –theory of past glaciations based on observations in Europe and North America Louis Agassiz also Carpentier Erratics and striations near alpine glaciers Similar features distant from glaciers Global Ice Age time of widespread glaciers Tambora o
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Unformatted text preview: Largest Historic Eruption o 150 Km3 Ash o Eruptive Column 44 km (28 mi) o 10,000 direct deaths o 82,000 indirect deaths o Plinian Eruption Extremely powerful Large amounts of gas and dust in atmosphere Ash & SO2 in atmosphere: Brilliant Sunsets • Mary Shelley o Dark and Dreary Days- Frankenstein 1818 o 1816: the Year without a Summer New England, Canadian Maritimes, Northern Europe o May frosts as far south as PA. June Snowstorms (Canada and New England). June-August lake and river ice. Wide temperature swings. Crop and Hat failure- Widespread economic and social impact o Western migration from New England • Mt. Laki (Iceland) 1783- Noted by Ben Franklin • Krakatoa o 25 km3 ash sound, water and shock waves o Lower world T 1 degree C • Munch’s The Scream 1893 o “Suddenly the sky turned blood red… I stood there shaking with fear and felt an endless scream passing through nature.” • Mt. Pinatubo o Ash and SO2 airborne- longer than ash...
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2/29 ERS102 - Largest Historic Eruption o 150 Km3 Ash o...

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