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2/25 ERS102 - Blocks of ice fall off Covered in sand and...

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2/25 Extra credit: 2/25 Indian agriculture 4:00 pm DPC Rm 117 2/27 salmon and blueberries (pesticides) Glaciation and Maine Important Concepts 1) How glaciers form 2) Glacial features and interpretation 3) Hot glaciers shaped Maine’s landscape Effects of Continental Glaciation o Nunataks o Cont. glac. Smooth erosion/ deposition Continental Glacial Features: Depositional Moraines o Composed of till o Terminal Moraine end of the moraine o Recessional Moraine where the ice is receding Outwash and kettles o Outwash Glaciofluvial stratified (layered)
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Unformatted text preview: Blocks of ice fall off Covered in sand and gravel works as a blanket o Kettle ponds formed by ice • Eskers o Glaciofluvial • Deltas o Fan shaped deposits o Top set: braided stream o Foreset: avalanche in water o Glaciomarine Deltas • Drumlins o Formed when ice scoped the till that is underneath the ice sheet o Little islands in the water • Ice/Water Margin o Fjord Fjard o Fossil Shells o Fossil Wood o Glaciamarine Sediment Multiple Glaciations in the Geologic Time...
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  • Spring '08
  • Kelley
  • Glacier, Glaciology, moraine o Recessional Moraine, Terminal Moraine end, Continental Glacial Features, pm DPC Rm

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