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Unformatted text preview: 2/20/08 Glaciations and Maine Important Concepts: 1.) How glaciers form 2.) Glacial features and interpretation 3.) Hot glaciers shaped Maine's landscape Cretaceous o Granite intruded in S. Maine o Hot Spot? Sediments removed: o Erosion removal of soils o Glaciers a mass of ice that moves over land (or water) under its own weight through the action of gravity Weathering o Physical and chemical produce soils mineral materials + organics Long term: thousands- millions of years Glaciers o Alpine (mountain) glaciers flow in and from mountain valleys Occupy mountain valleys main stem and tributaries Continental glaciers (ice sheets) o Vast layers of ice occupying thousands of square kilometers o Ice flows outward from thickest part of sheet o Two major ice sheets remain on earth Greenland Antarctica o Examples of each in Maine Forming a glacier three conditions are necessary to form a glacier o Cold local climate (polar latitudes or high-elevation) o Snow must be abundant; more snow must...
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