2/15 ERS102 - o Hot spot? o Isolated igneous plutons in S....

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2/15 ERS102 Important concepts o Plate tectonic theory o How plates interact o Evidence of plate interaction Triassic: 245 MYA -Beginning of the Bay of Fundy o Rifting- the Bay of Fundy is a “failed rift” o Basalt Dikes- Schoodic Point ME o Diabase=Basalt- Acadia National Park Jurassic north mountain basalts- Digby, NS o Formation of the Atlantic Ocean o Basalt dikes and flows associated with rifting Cretaceous o Granite intruded in Southern Maine
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Unformatted text preview: o Hot spot? o Isolated igneous plutons in S. Maine o Marks the end of the tectonic activity New England/ Maritimes • What happened next? o Limited cretaceous sediments in Maritimes Gay head, Nantucket island o Sediments absent in Maine, why? o Sediments removed: erosion/ glaciers! Test: Monday February 19, 2008 If snow day- test will be moved until Wed February 21, 2008...
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