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4/2 ERS102 - o September 1954 o $15 Million Damage in ME...

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Annual Coastal processes: Storms Wind+ Waves+ Storm Surge Extratropical Strom o Warm and cold air meet at mid-latitude o Move West to East Tropical Storm (hurricane) o All warm air o Form near equator Low-pressure system o Counter clockwise motion, ascending air cools, precipitation Northern New England’s Hurricane Minimizers o Cold Gulf of Maine o Fast Forward movement of storm o High tidal range o High topography o Coast-parallel track Southern New England’s Storm Problem o Orientation o Temperature o Orientation! Hurricane Edna
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Unformatted text preview: o September 1954 o $15 Million Damage in ME • Tide+ Storm Surge= addition 1.5 meters +storm generated waves!!!! • April 2007 Nor’easter- Patriot’s Day Storm • Storms o Erode and transport sediment • Overwash o Sediment erosion and transport • Seawalls erode beaches, then fail when most needed • Groins and jetties o Stop sand movement • Replenish o Expensive o Temporary • Long-term: Sea Level Rise o Silent Partner in Coastal Erosion? o...
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