4/4 ERS102 - 1 Cut down the trees get rid of vegetation 2...

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Bluffs and Mass Movements Important Concepts o Bluffs-definition, coastal issues o Mass Movements- definition, Maine examples Mass Movements Identified on the Basis of: 1. Speed 2. Material Moved 3. Coherent or Mixed Material 4. Direction of Motion Bluff o Vertical or near vertical exposure of unconsolidated material o Erode naturally o Often source of sediment for tidal flat or beach Mass Movement o Aka Mass Wasting o The Gravitationally caused transport or rock Slumping o Down slope o Mass of regolith detaches from substrate, slides along a spoon-shaped sliding surface, slips downward semi coherently o Occurs over a day or two Attractive Coastal Property No understanding of geology or history Problems from the Start: “The View”
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Cut down the trees- get rid of vegetation 2. Septic System 3. Watered Lawn 4. Debris Dump 5. Trails • How to avoid the Problem? o Know Geology Jonesport, Response to Erosion: Armor Could fail cut off sediment edge effects alter environment Loss of Mud=Loss of Marsh (Addison, ME) Mass Movements- Creep Slow downhill movement of soil Due to expansion and contraction Wetting and drying & freezing and thawing Characteristics of Creep Slow downslope movement Freeze/thaw Regolith only Tiltes or sagging structures Mass Movements Rock Glaciers Mixtures of rock fragements and ice Rock addition exceeds the accumulation of ice Flow downhill slowly Behave like glacial systems...
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4/4 ERS102 - 1 Cut down the trees get rid of vegetation 2...

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