115 Syllabus

115 Syllabus - SYLLABUS Fall 2006 MATH 115 ELEMENTARY...

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SYLLABUS – Fall 2006 MATH 115 – ELEMENTARY STATISTICS TEXT/SOFTWARE: Beginning Statistics , by Warren, Denley, & Atchley, manuscript version published by Hawkes Learning Systems Hawkes Learning Systems: Statistics by Hawkes Learning Systems. A calculator with a statistical package including linear regression is required for this course. Acceptable calculators include the TI-83, TI-30II, and TI-34. TESTS: 1. There will be three (3) major tests during the course. Each test will count 100 points. The format of the tests is at the discretion of the course coordinator. The lowest of the three test grades may be replaced by the percentage earned on the final exam, if necessary. 2. There will be a 120-point software grade. The instructor will assign lessons from Hawkes Learning Systems: Statistics , and each lesson will be worth 8 points. See the instructions at the end of this syllabus for how to use the Hawkes software and register certificates. 3. There will be an 80-point project grade. Projects will be assigned at the instructor’s discretion and accumulated to form this grade. 4. There will be a comprehensive final exam for the course worth 200 points. All students must take the final exam. FINAL GRADE: The final grade will be based on the following point scale: Grade Points Necessary for Grade A 630 = 90% of 700 B 560 = 80% of 700 C 490 = 70% of 700 D 420 = 60% of 700 F Below 420 ATTENDANCE POLICY: It is essential to attend every class in order to do well in mathematics. For classes that meet three days a week, students are allowed six (6) absences. For lab sections and classes that meet two days a week, students are allowed four (4) absences. For each absence above the allowed limit, ten (10) points will be deducted from the student’s final point total. For students in a lab section: The mandatory 75 minutes of lab time per week counts as one class meeting. If you do not attend lab for at least 75 minutes during a given week, it will be counted as one absence. Kinard lab hours are 10:00-7:00 Monday through Thursday. VERY IMPORTANT: 1. If a test or quiz is missed for ANY reason, a grade of 0 will be given. There will be no make-up tests or quizzes given except for University approved functions. 2. Any person who must miss a scheduled test and/or quiz because of an official University function must reschedule and take this test and/or quiz at a time BEFORE the test and/or quiz is scheduled to be given. NO OTHER rescheduling will be allowed. 3. A two-day grace period will be extended for software assignments with a 50% penalty attached to the late assignment. No software assignments will be accepted after the two-day grace period, for any reason. 4.
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115 Syllabus - SYLLABUS Fall 2006 MATH 115 ELEMENTARY...

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