Buddhism - DISTRIBUTION Buddhism is the strongest religion...

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STUPA- The stupa is the earliest Buddhist religious monument. It originally was a simple mound made of mud or clay. They were used to cover up the relics of the Buddha. As time went on, the meaning of the stupa changed slightly. Instead of a place to bury the dead, solely, they became a place to honor the people for whom they were built. Also, in time, the stupa evolved from a simple domed structure made of mud to elaborate and large structures. 5 Essential components to a stupa 1. A square base 2. A hemispherical dome 3. A conical spire 4. A crescent moon 5. A circular disc Each of these components is meant as a metaphor for the five cosmic elements that are believed to make up everything’s existence. These are earth, water, fire, air, and space. TEMPLE- The temple is very important in Buddhism. It is where they practice their religion. The stupa is the general temple that is most common. However there are variations of Buddhist temples that vary regionally. In eastern Asia, the pagoda is most popular. The pagoda is a tower that is tiered and has multiple eaves.
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Unformatted text preview: DISTRIBUTION- Buddhism is the strongest religion in southern and eastern Asia. Thailand, Cambodia, and Mongolia have the highest percentage of Buddhists with 94%, 93%, and 93% respectfully. Other countries with a majority in percentage of Buddhists include Myanmar, Bhutan, Japan, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Vietnam. China has the largest number of Buddhists with 104,500,000. However, only 8% of the total population of China is Buddhist. The United States has a Buddhist population of approximately three million, which is about 1% of the total population. The United States ranks fourteenth in the world for total population of Buddhists per country. However, all other top ranking countries for total number of Buddhists are in or around Southeast Asia. The reason for such a relatively large Buddhist population in the United States is most likely due to immigration. The total estimated Buddhist population is 415,800,000 which is approximately 6.5% of all the people on earth today....
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Buddhism - DISTRIBUTION Buddhism is the strongest religion...

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