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The Internet is a wonderful place for entertainment and education, but, like all places used by millions of people; it has some peculiarities that lead to a lot of talking and arguing over. Some people believe that the Internet has been some how corrupted from its original aim. The issue of whether is it necessary to censor the Internet is being argued all over the world because it could be a threat to democracy. I believe that yes: the Internet can be a major threat to democracy. It has the function of providing easy access to information and world wide communication. But this function is not always fulfilled. For instance, the recent scandals about the auto-censorship of world famous companies such as Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! in order to implement their activities in China are the proof that the Internet can be perverted by the willing of profit. Moreover, the Internet enabled racist bigotry to spread their point of view. Such groups threaten civil peace and consequently democracy. Internet might be leading us in the opposite direction toward a corporate-controlled network
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