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Globalisation: for or      against?     Globalisation is nowadays a worldwide phenomenon and keeps spreading all over the world , increasing transports, developing communication networks…At first sight, globalisation seems ideal but me may wonder whether its effects are positive or not. In my opinion, I would say that globalisation is desirable for many of its aspects and consequences. With the expansion of the communication network all over the world, the information is broadcasted to almost everyone connected very quickly. Thus, people are more aware about the world they live in than they used to be, and can now get in touch with others much more easily than before. In those cases, the Internet has been a major step forward in the so called “communication revolution”. The latter also helped the emergence of a worldwide culture, with new artists and entertainments. Not only immaterial but also material exchanges have been increasing. Indeed, thanks to globalisation, companies have found new outlets
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document-18167 - Globalisation: for or against?...

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