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Final Study Guide A. Leafy Vegetables 1. Salad vegetables versus greens 2. General Characteristics -Biennial -Cool season -Implements of shallow rooting -Fertilizer response 3. Lettuce -What causes bitterness -Bolting -Types of lettuce and their characteristics -Problems caused by high temperatures 4. Other salad vegetables -Ways to prevent bitterness or pungency -Arugula Use Characteristics -Endive Background Methods to reduce it pungency Blanching Harvesting -Chicory Background Use as a coffee supplement Witloof chicory Radicchio 5. Greens -Use of wild greens -Spinach Background Plant characteristics New Zealand spinach -Chard Background Why use? -Collard and kale Characteristics How kale and collard differ Cultivation Harvest
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B. Cole crops 1.Introduction -What is a cole crop? -Environmental factors -Keys to producing cole crops Effect of transplant thickness -Cabbageworms 2. Cabbage -Background -Plant characteristics -Cultivation (especially planting times and nitrogen requirement) -Harvest and storing 3. Broccoli -Plant characteristics -Harvesting 4. Cauliflower Difficulty in growing Why blanch? Buying a quality head C. Cucurbits 1. Introduction -Common characteristics 2. Pumpkin and squash -Difference between pumpkins, winter squash, and summer squash - Cucurbita pepo - diversity - Cucurbita moschata – processing pumpkin and winter
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Final Study Guide-fall-2007 - Final Study Guide A. Leafy...

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