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Propagation of Errors and the standard deviation 1. the standard deviation: For example, your three data are: 9.5, 10.0, 10.5( ) So the average should be 10.0( ), N is the data’s number: here is 3 And for the standard deviation, so just take the data in and calculate … 2. Propagation of Errors For example, for the density of NaOH, we use the balance (±0.001g) to weight the
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Unformatted text preview: mass of NaOH, and use the buret to measure the volume of NaOH(±0.01ml), for the concentration we need use Mass/Volume, the data we get, for example 2.000g, 1.00ml, Max: (2.000+0.001)g/(1.00-0.01)ml=2.02g/ml Min: (2.000-0.001)g/(1.00+0.01)ml=1.98g/ml True: 2.000g/1.00ml=2.00g/ml So the Propagation of Errors: 2.00±0.02 g/ml...
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