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Identification of Unknowns by Measurement of Some Physical Properties October 2 nd 2007 Lab Section 2119 Course Number 1391 Yanyan Huang Amanda Quella, Laura Jordan, Alexandria Hernandez
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Purpose : To determine whether any of the unknown substances are the same or similar substance through examination of their physical properties. Procedure : A. Solubility : add a very small amount of the unknown substance to two or three milliliters of hexane in a 75-mm test tube and shake the contents. Repeat using two to three milliliters of water and ethanol instead of hexane. Observe the results and describe as soluble, slightly soluble, and insoluble. B. Density : Since all three were solid unknowns, first weigh a 1 mL volumetric flask, add about 100 mg of the unknown, and weigh again. Add the solvent which the unknown was insoluble to, add enough to bring the volume in the flask to the 1 mL line, and weigh again. Calculate the density (see demonstrated calculations). C. Melting Point : Add the unknown to two capillary tubes by sticking the tube into the unknown and then tapping the tube on the counter. Insert the tube into the Mel-Temp and heat at half- power and time until the unknown melts to measure the approximate melting point. Let the
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