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Chem1—LABORATORY SYLLABUS Fall 2007 Lecturers: Drs. Haworth , Ryan and Wilkie Lab Coordinator: Mr. Vaughn Ausman Lecture: TW100 Lab Rooms TW201, 215, 223, 236 TAs: Irena Mejac (Head, Haworth), Darlington Mlambo (Head, Ryan), Felipe Macedo (Head, Wilkie) Texts: Chemistry 001 Laboratory Manual 2007-2008 , MU Press (abbrev. = Man); and Guide to Writing Chemistry (abbrev. = Guide). SAFETY GOGGLES MUST BE WORN IN THE LABORATORY WHILE ANY EXPERIMENT IS IN PROGRESS. I. Course Objectives : When you finish this course, you should be able to: A. Perform basic lab techniques, reproducibly and accurately, operating normal laboratory instrumentation, recording results precisely in an accepted manner in a laboratory notebook. B. Have judgment about which steps have to be done carefully and precisely and which can be done more quickly, for which amounts can be more approximate. C. Perform any needed calculations from experimental data, which should help to practice concepts learned in the lecture part of the course. D. To develop a healthy skepticism about experimentation and be able to analyze experimental results and design to find the strong and weak points of an experiment. E. To write about your experiments and other technical topics in a brief, clear, precise and analytical manner. F. To understand the scientific method as a flexible, often iterative process and to appreciate its power and limitations. II. Overview of Lab Program: To be successful in the lab a student should: A. Keep up with the reading and attendance in the lecture part of the course. B. Read the assigned lab material, and any necessary additional material, to understand the proposed experiment as long in advance of the scheduled experiment as possible. C. Do the Proposed Procedure outline before each lab. D. Do the Pre-lab Quiz before each lab. E. Work safely in the lab. F. Record data, actual procedure, and observations in keeping with the advice in the laboratory manual and assigned readings, in an approved laboratory notebook, submitting a duplicate of each lab day’s work to the TA just before departing from the lab. G. Complete the expected calculations for every experiment, in electronic form, as well as any other parts of the laboratory report, and submit the report to the appropriate web-site. H. Keep up with the additional lab assignments which are designed to introduce, practice and perfect the writing and analysis of laboratory data. I. A Lab Preparation Average of less than 60% will cause a lowered Course Grade (e.g. B to BC). J. Failure to achieve at least 60% for the Overall Lab Average results in failure in the course, regardless of lecture exam scores.
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2 III. List of Assignments, Abbreviations, Point Values Total = 500 points A. Pre-lab Quizzes for experiments, “PL1-10” (3 pts each)= 30 pts.(part of both the Pre-lab Preparation Average and Overall Lab Average), see section IV C and D for specifics. B.
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c1Labsyl071 - Chem1-LABORATORY SYLLABUS-Fall 2007 Lecturers...

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