Unit 1 terms and concepts 2008

Unit 1 terms and concepts 2008 - List of Key Concepts in...

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List of Key Concepts in Unit 1: Energy metabolism Lecture 1-2 Protein structure levels of structure: primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary How this forms the active site in an enzyme Enzymes roles of co-factors, co-enzymes, and active sites activation energy and catalysis steps in cycle of enzyme activity specificity The specific example of carbonic anhydrase and its active site Energy free energy (G) Page 147 Which direction do reactions proceed? Difference in disorder is greater than the difference in bond energies between reactants and products Disorder: entropy—disorder in the universe is always increasing exergonic vs. endergonic reactions Exergonic: reactions that release energy as heat Endergonic : any reaction that requires energy/heat energy coupling: Lecture 3 energy coupling: role of ATP in metabolism how ATP drives unfavorable reactions ATP cycle energy metabolism Classifying metabolism according to types of energy sources for cells: Organotrophy can be fermentation or respiration Phototrophy uses light for energy key outcome: ATP is synthesized Importance of oxidation in energy metabolism Oxidation and reduction reactions role of NAD 4 phases of aerobic respiration where does each phase occur within the eukaryotic cell? Lecture 4 glycolysis outcomes how does oxidation drive ATP synthesis pyruvate oxidation and Krebs cycle outcomes
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where do these reactions occur within mitochondrion? What happened to the electrons lost from carbons in complete oxidation of glucose
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Unit 1 terms and concepts 2008 - List of Key Concepts in...

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