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Unit 5 digestion - surface to volume ratios. Understand the...

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Study Guide: Unit 5 – Digestion Chapter 43, and review of much of what we have already covered Learning Goals. The student should be able to: Understand what digestion is, how it occurs, and why it is necessary Describe the anatomy of the digestive tract Be familiar with the basic structure and function of the various regions of the mammalian digestive system Explain differences in vertebrate digestive systems and why this is necessary for herbivores vs. carnivores. Assess the value of mechanical vs. chemical digestion and the relevance of
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Unformatted text preview: surface to volume ratios. Understand the universality of breaking down food to absorbable units across all living things Predict how changes to a digestive system could affect function and long term consequences Relate neuronal, hormonal and accessory organ function to the digestive process and negative feedback mechanisms Explain energy balance for maintenance of body weight Define essential nutrients and know their role(s) in digestion (collectively, you do not need to know each one individually)...
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