I am addicted to coffee

I am addicted to coffee - Amanda Quella I'll Take More...

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Amanda Quella I’ll Take More Java, Thank You! As the hot, creamy-foam of my double, non-fat, extra-hot latte hit my lips I had to sigh from the weight of the memories that fell around my shoulders. Sitting in that warm bistro with its red walls and squishy worn out sofas brought back uncountable memories of random points in my life that are connected with my happy addiction. So much of my life has been determined by this famous drink, most of it by chance. I met my first serious boyfriend in a bistro, my first job was at a coffee shop, and my childhood memories can be sewn together with the image of my mother and me drinking coffee with our breakfast. Meeting and reconnecting with friends, countless all-nighters, and settling my nerves all happened with the help of this beverage. Sometimes, though, I feel like my favorite beverage is criticized for negative effects almost as much as alcohol. How could something that has shaped my life so much have negative effects? I can’t imagine something this crazy. I haven’t suffered from any serious health related problems because of coffee, if anything, it has helped to carve out my life and help me to discover who I am. In my life, there have only been positive effects from coffee, especially involving myself socially and physically. I started out young as a coffee drinker, around four or five. I was the type of child that would beg her parents, “Please, please can I have some of that stuff?” What child doesn’t want to grow up so they can have all the privileges of staying up late to watch the “grown up shows” or be able to play all day without a nap? Coffee seemed the logical first step in that process. Since I was an obnoxiously stubborn child, my mother eventually gave up and I had my first cup of coffee in my plastic Lion King sippy-cup. Well, it wasn’t really coffee; it was more like 2/3 cream and 1/3 coffee. Even though there really was no coffee in it, I took that first creamy,
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lukewarm gulp in quiet triumph. I didn’t consciously notice the true reason for why I really
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I am addicted to coffee - Amanda Quella I'll Take More...

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