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Homework_set_7_typeset - In Section 5.2.4 do problems 1...

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Math 413, Fall semester, 2007 Homework set 7, handed out October 11, due October 18 Well, the prelim is over an graded. It didn’t go any too well, and I don’t understand why. It did not seem to me that the exam was particularly difficult. Actually, I think the class might have done better if there had been harder and more conceptual questions. Next time, I will hand out a “sample prelim,” I get the feeling many people weren’t expecting the kind of questions they got. Time to read Chapter 5, which we will cover this week.
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Unformatted text preview: In Section 5.2.4, do problems 1, 2 (the graduate student wasn’t me, but last year I did try to do something with such functions), 3, 7, 11. It is really important to do problem 11: it seems so obvious, but you will find that without the mean value theorem you can’t do it. In Section 5.3.4, do problem 1,2,3 (they are really a single problem), 5 (remember problem 3 of problem set 6, part b), 12, 13. This should be enough to keep you busy....
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