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China Russia Resolution

China Russia Resolution - that a Chinese space shuttle...

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Topic: The Situation in East Asia Submitted to: Historic Security Council Submitted by: China, Russia, Spain, Nigeria, France The Security Council, DEEPLY CONCERNED about the escalation of tension in East Asia, BELIEVING that this conflict can come to a swift and immediate end, RECALLING Chapter VI of the United Nations Charter calling for a Security Council recommendation to the parties for a peaceful pacific settlement of disputes, NOTING
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Unformatted text preview: that a Chinese space shuttle rocket misfired and landed in Russia, FURTHER NOTING Russia was the first to cross the Amur River in perceived self defense, THE UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL: 1 CALLS FOR an immediate cessation of air strikes from both China and Russia; 2. CALLS FOR an immediate cease fire from both China and Russia; 3. CALLS FOR simultaneous withdrawal of ground forces across the China/Russia border....
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